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Offering specialty foods since 2017
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-   ABOUT US  -

Since 2017, SalamaMeat has been dedicated to providing the highest quality protein sources available. As a wholesale meat supplier, we’ve offered the finest in beef, poultry, pork, lamb, and veal, as well as cured and processed meats.

Tradition is important to us, we’ve been one of Canadas best quality meat suppliers. Our passion to help you succeed and impress your customers continue to grow each day making sure your protein sources are always a cut above the rest.

We are one of the most convenient and cost-effective quality meat suppliers running in the North West.

As experienced wholesalers, we understand that sourcing the best quality meats takes research and concerted effort.

That is why we have secured the highest quality meats, sourced from the most responsible farmers across North America.

As your meat supplier of choice, we deliver nationally across Quebec and Ontario to ethnic chains and restaurants.  Contact us today to start working together!

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